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Veterinary Technician

Job Description

The Veterinary Technicians will assist in the exam rooms, dispense medications, set up for surgeries, assist with surgery and radiology, client education, maintain hospital equipment and machines, care for (feed, medicate, clean cages) hospital patients, & enter medical information into computer.

Job Duties/Responsibilities

  • Assist in and clean the exam rooms. Keep the exam rooms fully stocked at all times.
  • Dispense medications (enter on invoice and card).
  • Set up for gas anesthesia and surgery.
  • Prepare patient for surgery.
  • Monitor patients under anesthesia.
  • Post surgery cleans up.
  • Keeping the surgical cabinet stocked.
  • Maintenance of machines, equipment and instruments.
  • Phone reminders. Be sure and mark this on the card.
  • Filing of all radiographs and scan into vet pacs.
  • Filling out proper request form, packing & send samples to lab.
  • Recording items on the inventory sheets.
  • Care for hospital patients.
  • Client education.
  • Assist with surgery and perform radiology studies.
  • Explain after care for hospital & surgery patients to owners.
  • Record surgery, radiology, lab & drugs on proper sheets, charts, logs, & files.
  • Perform laboratory test per doctor’s request.


Veterinary Technician Certification or License.

Any qualified candidates whom are interested should stop by to fill out an application or email us your resume at freeburganimal@hotmail.com.


Kennel Worker

Job Description

Major Responsibilities and Essential Functions:

Cleaning and Maintenance
• Clean and disinfect dog runs and cages
• Clean and disinfect cat cages and Clinic Cat Wards
• Empty building trash
• Wash, dry and fold towels, cage pads and other bedding
• Clean all litter boxes throughout the hospital
• Wash and dry dog and cat dishes
• Maintain vacuum cleaner, all mop heads, and brooms
• Clean and Sanitize hospital

Animal Care
• Log all boarding patients on the log in board and sheets. Write the instructions on the log in board so that staff is aware of instructions. Check the log in board and mark it to indicate when the job is completed.
• Mark food, belongings (i.e. leashes, toys and/or bedding) with client’s information
o All food, toys and medicine for a boarding or hospitalized patient must be labeled so that the label cannot come off.
• Exercise boarded animals
• Give medications per owner/doctor instructions
• Feed boarded animals prescribed diets
• Help with toe nail trims as requested
• Give baths and dips
• Record food amounts given and amount animal eats
• Inform head vet tech or doctor of any change in animals’ condition, behavior, or habit (i.e. elimination, eating)
• Validate all boarded animals are current on vaccinations; minimum requirement for boarding:
o rabies
o distemper
o bordetella
o *The Veterinarian must approve any exceptions.

Job Qualifications and Minimum Requirements:
• All employees must become familiar with the Right to Know Act and the MSDS forms.
• Excellent communication skills
• Detail-oriented
• Ability to multi-task
• Compassion and love of animals
• Comfortable around animals
• Ability to follow written instructions and update records
• Flexibility with work hours
o Animal Caretakers must be here at 8am and 4pm on Sundays and holidays.
o Normal shifts start at 7am and 5pm working until all tasks are completed.
o Hours can range from 4-30 hours each week

Supervisory Responsibility: none

Essential Mental Functions:
• Ability to work independently and problem solve
• Basic communication skills

Essential Physical Functions:
• Ability to sit or stand for long periods of time
• Ability to lift and carry 50+ pounds without assistance
• Comfortable with loud and prolonged noises and odors

Equipment Used:
• Standard cleaning equipment
• Animal bathing equipment
• Manual charts/records

Working Conditions:
• Animal Boarding/Bathing
• Medical equipment and procedures

Job Type: Part-time

Any interested candidates should email a resume to freeburganimal@hotmail.com and write a few sentences stating why you think you would be a good fit for this position.

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